Arlo Ultra and Ultra 2 Product Tour

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The Arlo Ultra 2 camera has the following integrated features:


  1. Spotlight: Activate the integrated spotlight manually, or set it to trigger when motion or sound is detected. For more information, visit How does the spotlight on my Arlo camera work?.
  2. Light Sensor: The light sensor makes sure that your Arlo camera’s image is properly adjusted according to the setting. For more information, visit How do I use HDR with my Arlo camera?.
  3. 4K Lens with 180-Degree Field of View: Never miss a detail with crystal clear 4K video quality and a wide viewing angle. For more information, visit How do I adjust the field of view on my Arlo camera?.
  4. Speaker: Deter intruders by activating the siren on the integrated speaker. For more information, visit How do I turn the siren on my Arlo Ultra or Arlo Pro 3 camera on or off?.
  5. Microphone: Use the dual microphones to reduce wind noise, and use the speaker for a full-duplex two-way conversation. For more information, visit How do I reduce wind noise on my Arlo Ultra camera?.
  6. Camera LED: Determine the status of your Arlo camera by referring to the LED indicator. For more information, visit What do the different LED behaviors on my Arlo camera mean?.
  7. Weather Resistant Camera Housing: Use your Arlo Ultra 2 camera indoors or outdoors. For more information, visit Are Arlo cameras weatherproof?.
  8. Sync Button: Press and hold the sync button to factory reset your Arlo Ultra camera.
  9. Charging Port: Take advantage of a simpler charging solution with the magnetic charging cable that came with your Arlo Ultra 2 camera. For more information, visit What is the magnetic charger that came with my Arlo Ultra or Pro 3 camera?.
  10. Battery Access Button: Press the battery access button to replace your batteries or access the sync button. For more information, visit How do I change the battery in my Arlo Ultra or Arlo Pro 3 camera?.
  11. Screw Mount Hole: Use the screw mount hole to attach your camera to an outdoor security mount. For more information, visit the Outdoor Security Mount product page.