Arlo Ultra FAQ

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Does Arlo Ultra output 4K resolution?
Yes. Arlo Ultra outputs 3840×2160 resolution at 16×9 aspect ratio.

What does color night vision mean?
Typical night-time video footage from security cameras is displayed in black and white. Arlo Ultra can output images in color, even at night.

What is High Dynamic Range (HDR)?
HDR solves the problem with over- or under-exposed images of scenes with both bright and dark areas in the same picture. Arlo Ultra automatically determines when to use HDR. HDR is optimized for outdoor environments.

What do the two microphones do?
The two microphones in the Arlo Ultra camera create Beamforming for spatial filtering of sound. This lets Arlo Ultra hone-in on sound from a particular area or subject. The microphones also enable noise-cancelling and wind noise reduction.

How wide is the viewing angle on Arlo Ultra?
The lens is a 180-degree diagonal lens with a matching wide range for motion detection. This provides a panoramic view as if your eyes were there.

Why did you move the magnet from inside the camera to the mount?
Moving the magnet enables Arlo Ultra to have a new magnetic mounting solution that provides full articulation and mounting angles that were never before possible. The newly designed mount perfectly mates with the shape of the camera, providing new mounting scenarios, including mounting from a ceiling.

What is different about the new mount?
The newly designed mount perfectly mates with the shape of the camera, providing new mounting scenarios that were never before possible, including mounting from a ceiling. It also has a built in groove where you can hide your cable and provide strain relief for those situations where you want to keep the camera mounted and plugged into a wall source.

Can I use Arlo Ultra indoors and outdoors?
Yes. Arlo Ultra is outdoors weather-resistant. It is wire-free and does not require continuous power. With an additional, outdoor-rated charge cable, you can use Arlo Ultra outdoors.

What are the benefits of 4K in a security camera?
4K means you can see more details in every image, even when zoomed in.

What is the Auto Zoom and tracking feature?
When Arlo Ultra detects motion, it automatically zooms in and tracks the motion for you. This tracking shows up as curated clips that are stored in the cloud for your easy access and playback.

When does the integrated spotlight turn on?
The spotlight turns on whenever Arlo Ultra detects motion. You can also manually turn it on or off.

What are the benefits of the SmartHub?
The Arlo SmartHub helps to protect your footage by adding a secure, personal network to your router. SmartHub also helps to regulate WiFi traffic, improves battery life, and comes with local storage (microSD cards are sold separately).

Does Arlo Ultra include 1 year of Arlo Smart?
Yes. Every Arlo Ultra kit comes with 1 year of Arlo Smart included.

What are the benefits of the magnetic charger?
The magnetic charger provides an easy, snap-in, truly weather-resistant charging solution for both indoors and out.

What are some of the new ways I can mount my Arlo Ultra camera?
Arlo Ultra comes with a new, magnetic-based mounting solution that provides articulation in ways never before possible, including mounting from the top of a ceiling. It also includes an integrated cable strain relief to help keep your cables neat and organized.

Do Arlo Ultra kits include mounting hardware?
Yes. The camera kits include screw kits to help you mount.

Is Arlo Ultra weather resistant even when the battery is exposed?
No. When you eject and expose the inside compartment of the camera, it is no longer weather-resistant.

Does Arlo Ultra include a siren?
Yes. A siren sound plays directly from the camera. It can be set to trigger manually or automatically when motion or audio is detected.

Does the add-on Arlo Ultra camera include an Arlo SmartHub?
No. It does not. A SmartHub is required and is included in the camera kits.

Am I able to mount my Arlo Ultra camera from a ceiling?
Yes. The new mounting system allows Ultra to be mounted from a ceiling. The simple-to-use clip design provides a secure way to mount from almost anywhere.

What is the minimum upload bandwidth speed required?
Arlo recommends an average upload bandwidth speed of 3Mbps.

What features are exclusive to an Arlo Ultra camera paired with an Arlo SmartHub?
4K resolution, Auto Zoom and Tracking, local live streaming, and a simplified onboarding experience.

Are there any distance requirements between Arlo Ultra cameras and a SmartHub for recording to a microSD card?
No. If you have an active live stream connection between an Arlo Ultra camera and a SmartHub, then you will be able to record to a microSD card. A microSD card can only be inserted into the SmartHub, not an Arlo Ultra camera.

Will 4K work on the Arlo Ultra battery?
Yes. An efficient video encoding scheme as well as battery optimization algorithms between the camera and SmartHub allow 4K to work with the Arlo Ultra battery.

Does Ultra support full 2-way audio?
Yes. You are able to have full conversational audio with Arlo Ultra.

Is 4K recording free?
Yes. All users of Arlo Ultra can stream 4K content without a subscription. You can use 4K by local live streaming or recording 4K motion content onto a microSD card when inserted into an Arlo SmartHub. You can also purchase an add on service to store 4K, motion-activated clips to the Arlo Cloud for easy access anywhere your mobile app has a data connection.

How is Arlo Ultra different from other 4K security cameras?
Arlo Ultra streams 4K while providing the following:

  • 180-degree diagonal field of view that does real-time image de-warping
  • Real-time high dynamic range (HDR)
  • An integrated spotlight with dual noise-cancelling microphones
    Arlo Ultra does all of this processing in parallel and in real time. These features are integrated into a compact, lifestyle, industrial design that is wire-free with a replaceable and rechargeable battery.