How do I position the Arlo Solar Panel to get the most sunlight?

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The amount of energy that the Arlo Solar Panel can produce depends on several factors: average sun exposure, weather conditions, tilt angle, and dust or debris. A solar panel in the same location might produce a different amount of energy at noon in December than at noon in June.

Similarly, the same panel might produce more energy in one geographic location and less in another. In both situations, the difference is based mainly on the amount of sunlight that the solar panel receives. To see a world map of average sun exposure, visit:

To optimize the effectiveness of your solar panel, do the following:

  • Choose a location for your solar panel that gets plenty of sunlight; try to avoid spots that are in the shade for a significant portion of the day.
  • Mount your solar panel facing true south (in the northern hemisphere) or true north (in the southern hemisphere) and tilt it to the appropriate angle for your latitude.
  • Wipe the panel every few months to remove dust or debris that might affect the solar energy-harvesting efficiency of the panel.

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