What do I need to know about Arlo camera firmware updates?

Do I need to do anything to keep my camera on the latest version?

No, for your convenience, Arlo cameras will update their firmware automatically. If you have a camera that has been offline, or want an immediate update, you can also update your firmware manually through the Arlo Secure app. For more information, visit: How do I update my Arlo firmware manually?

Does my camera need to be charged for firmware update?

Yes. Your camera needs to have at least 15% battery. Also, camera needs to be online and connected to a SmartHub, Base Station, or Wi-Fi router.
Note: If a firmware update is released while your camera is turned off or the battery is low, the firmware update happens automatically within 24 hours after you turn the camera back on, ensure that it is connected to the SmartHub or Base Station, and ensure that the battery is not low. Arlo Go firmware updates happen automatically as long as the cameras are connected to the LTE network, are powered on, and have at least 15% battery.

What time does the firmware update?

The firmware update happens between 3:00 a.m. – 5:00 a.m. based on your time zone to minimize camera downtime during the day.

Does the SmartHub or Base Station need to be connected to power, internet, or Wi-Fi during a firmware update?

Yes. Your Arlo SmartHub or Base Station needs to be connected to power, internet, or Wi-Fi during a firmware update.

Can I view my camera during a firmware update?

No. You cannot view your camera’s live stream until the firmware is updated, but motion and sound detection still work and your cameras still record based on the currently selected mode.

For more information about updating your firmware manually, visit: How do I update my Arlo firmware manually?

Very rarely, your camera might go offline if your camera was turned off or had less than 15% battery during a firmware update. If this happens, recharge or replace the low battery, make sure that the camera is on, and then resync the camera with the SmartHub or Base Station. The firmware update starts automatically.

What is an indication from my Arlo camera when a firmware update is happening

While the firmware is downloading, the LED on the camera blinks alternating blue and amber. After this, the camera’s LED turns off for about one to two minutes while the camera installs the firmware. After the camera firmware update finishes, the camera syncs to the SmartHub or Base Station, or Wi-Fi router, and the LED blinks blue rapidly.

WARNING: Do not open the battery door, remove the battery, or interrupt power while an Arlo camera is updating and installing firmware.